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Baby Alice http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2014/6/baby-alice "A baby is born with a need to be loved and never outgrows it."

Baby Alice asleep in her daddy's arms...

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Four generations http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2014/3/four-generations What a rare opportunity and a pleasure to do this multi-generation (four generations to be exact) family photo session. Can you feel the love and warmth shine through these images?

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A Koloa Town Wedding http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2013/10/a-koloa-town-wedding More photos from my brother's wedding in Koloa Town, Kaua'i...

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Weddings http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2013/9/weddings I love weddings! This one was the first official wedding that I photographed, and it was made all the more special because it was my brother's wedding in beautiful Kaua'i, the Garden Isle. More to come...

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Paradise found... http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2013/7/paradise-found The beautiful Phi Phi Islands, Thailand (August 2006)Phi Phi Island, Thailand

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It's a princess party! http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2013/6/a-princess-party Miss Sofia turned 5 and celebrated her big day with her favorite princesses, playing dress-up and having tons of fun with her gal pals...


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Everyday snapshots: Coffee! http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/8/everyday-snapshots-coffee I don't get as much sleep as I should, so I need my morning java fix to kick start my day.

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My little assistant http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/8/my-little-assistant I love that our kids take such keen interest in what we do, our hobbies, etc. We are all about encouraging them to explore and nurture their creative interests.

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A sneak peek: Beach photo session http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/7/a-sneak-peek-beach-photo-session Here's a sneak peek at a photo session I recently did at the beach. What a fun and lively bunch, especially since there were a total of five kids under five and six adults in the mix! :)

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To another birthday girl... http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/7/another-birthday-girl This gorgeous little girl is my daughter's former classmate. She celebrated her 4th birthday last month. I snapped this photo of her at her birthday party. I just love her eyes and curly locks! She is as sweet as she is beautiful.


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Birthday girl... http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/7/red-balloon-birthday-girl Nothing like a red balloon for a birthday girl. Happy 2nd birthday, sweet Maya!!!

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Giovanni http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/6/giovanni The new mom and the love of her life...

A portrait of three generations...

Giovanni Nicholas, you are one adorable, sweet, and handsome little man!




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Out & About: Monterey http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/5/out-about-monterey I had the privilege of crossing off a bucket list item in late April when I ran the Big Sur International Marathon--a point to point race on the beautiful and scenic Highway 1 from Big Sur to Monterey. What a memorable experience!

And what's a family trip to Monterey without a stop at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?

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Almost 1... http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/4/-3-months-1-year Our little man is 9 months old today. Time sure does fly! This little boy has my heart.

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Out & About: Pasadena http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/4/out-about-pasadena Pasadena is a wonderful city with great architectural features and landmarks. One of these days, I plan on taking a walking photo tour to capture more of this vibrant town in photos.

This is part of a prominent building where I work (my day job). Brownie points if you can guess where.

Beckman Auditorium, Caltech And this is one of my favorite landmarks--the Pasadena City Hall.


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Jack & Kate http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/4/jack-kate I've had the pleasure of watching Jack & Kate grow in front of the lens over the course of the last few years. They are such beautiful and fun kids!

Nice product placement, huh?

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Sofia http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/4/sofia Sofia is one of three kids I had the chance to run around after during a joint photo session just a little over a week ago. This beauty's curls are to die for!

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A sneak peek... http://www.portiaharrisphoto.com/blog/2012/4/im-back Today was a gorgeous day, and I had the pleasure of photographing three beautiful kiddos who look like they could be in a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue.


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